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Express Websites

from Profound Business

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Claiming your business' spot on the web doesn't have to be a long, drawn out, stressful process!  It also doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  Our Express Website services provide you with a beautifully designed, fully functional, user friendly  website, with attractive pricing for small businesses and entrepreneurs!  Completion time, in most cases, takes about 7-10 days, from start to going live, including web copy, design, programming and domain procurement and hosting!

We'd love to build you a website that works for you! Take look at some of our website projects below and then click here to get started.


Project Specs For:

A cool company that does cool stuff needs a cool website. Hillside Tint is a magical company that transforms commercial buildings and offices via Expert Window Film. Smart Film and other high-tech methods.

We brought their work to life, with style! Check. It. Out.

fit jew screenshot.png

Project Specs For:

THE FIT JEW  wants all frum men to eat according to Chazal! They have challenged hundreds of men to upgrade their lifestyle, and they have a proven track record!

They came to us to help them portray their mission online in a simple and informative  way that will encourage new members to sign up and, that's exactly what we did!

Project Specs For:

Our Express Website service was developed for clients EXACTLY like EZ Repacks!  They wanted a nice website that explained what the do, to match the rest of their marketing collateral.  Can't make it any easier than that!

We turned this one around in about 3 days, complete with design and content, using the specific photos they provided.

courier site.png

Project Specs For:

The Lakewood Courier is well known throughout the Lakewood, NJ region as the go-to place for delivery of periodicals, brochures, flyers, door hangers  and other important communal communications. They needed a website to showcase their services as well as to enable residents to easily communicate with them rgarding missed deliveries and other inquiries. They tols us exactly waht they wanted, and that's exactly what they got; a clean, crisp, consumer friendly site that works!

Project Specs For:

Being a window and glass  expert  is serious business. Conveying the many facets of the business, as well as the  additional services the company provides, such as glass repair and custom glass tabletop creation, is more of a challenge. They contacted us because they have an amazing business, and they needed some help explaining it clearly.  We designed their website, including all the copy and content.  Also, they had no interest in maintaining the website with new information, so we put together a reasonable priced website maintenance package, too! All in a day's work at PROFOUND!

am web shot.png
jblast mock.png

Project Specs For:

Jblast is a popular e-blast service serving the Orthodox Jewish community. They wanted a clean website, with a touch of a  fun vibe, to convey their message.

We went with a cool circle icon design that easily gets their message across. After all, getting messages across is their business!

Here are a few more...


Golden Touch Floor Cleaning is a company that takes pride in its work. To them, cleaning commercial spaces is not a job, it's an art.

They wanted to convet that simple message in their digital home on the web.   So that's what we did. Simple.

magenta property management

At magenta, every property is managed with care and professionalism. They go above and beyond the industry norms, and make sure that  everything that requires attention is handled correctly, promptly and efficiently. They wanted their website to convey that simple message. That's what they got!

j.lefkovits and co. fabric

This New York City Based Fabric Manufacturer wanted a  bold and clear, user-friendly  website to showcase their business.

They asked for a vibrant theme to convey their wide array of fabrics that establish them as a leader in their industry.  Done!

flair web.png

Flair Flooring is a company that has a flair for quality flooring, for every style and every budget!  They focus on Vinyl and carpeting of all types and work with each customer to produce perfect flooring solutions.

Their website is a small glimpse into their world of options.

imp screen.png

Imperial Flooring is a company that takes flooring very seriously. They service commercial properties  from New Jersey to Arizona and everywhere in between.

Their products are high quality, durable and reliable and they needed a website to cnvey that in a simple and clear manner. That's what they got!

roof mock.png

Roofing Solutions is not just a roofing company, they are total roofing experience, focused on customer satisfaction.

They are a company built on integrity, reliabilty and professionalism.   They asked for a site to match the clarity of their mission.  So we built that for them.

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We'd love to hear about the website designs in your head.  In the comments section, you can even tell us about other websites that you love, your budget, the colors your working with, the pages you want, etc., and we'll get back to you with a quote!

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Stay Tuned

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